Testing Tools for .NET Developers


It often happens that the tools we rely on the most are also the most immature. We tolerate them because they fulfill an essential role. Other tools are really well designed, but aren’t important enough to justify the cost in time and money. And a rare few hit both marks. InfoQ wants to know which tools .NET testing tools you like to use and which you need to use.

InfoQ wants to know which .NET testing tools are first rate, which are immature and unreliable, and which are so important that you use them despite their failings.

Here are the options:

Please rank the following .NET testing tools based on YOUR experience working with them based on the following criteria:

  • Maturity (Ease of use, flexibility, reliability, documentation, etc.)
  • Importance to Your Team

You can drag and drop the option on the radar and click “Submit Now!” when you are done.

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 ANTS Memory Profiler ANTS Performance Profiler Coded UI Test dotCover dotTrace Gallio IcuTest Infragistics TestAdvantage Microsoft Fakes Microsoft Test Manager Mighty Moose moq MSpec MSTest NBehave NCover NCrunch NUnit Rhini Mocks SciTech .NET Memory Profiler SilkTest SpecFlow SQL Load Test storevil Telerik JustMock Telerik Test Studio Test Scribe TestDriven.NET Visual Studio Memory Profiler Visual Studio Performance Profiler WCF Load Test TypeMock


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